Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Changing it up....

We are switching over to tumblr now...check it


Tonight I leave for a three week excursion with good friends/close personal roommates Forget the Times. I'll be guesting with them on the road as we make our way through Canada to New England and then back by way of Pennsylvania and Ohio. It's going to be a fun-filled, international adventure in experimental noise rock and roll hedonism. Check out the tour dates here and if you happen to have had the foresight to live anywhere near any of the locations we're hitting up, then come hang out!

Also, everyone on the trip will be working to keep a tour blog updated. You can find that here.

Once I'm home, the Reptilian will be recording four new songs for a couple of split 7" releases. We have shows booked around Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids in June, starting on the 5th with our Milwaukee boys Living and Wrestling down at the Anthill. All kinds of other exciting things will be happening and more on that will surface as we get to it.

Love Actually,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Show just announced this Friday!

We were just added to the bill this Friday at Louie's Trophy House Grill (est. 1918) with Pile, on tour from Boston, as well as local area boys Chinook and Joshualien. The show will be starting at 10PM and will cost you a reasonable three dollars.

Come on out and show some support for East coast musicians a long way from home. Excited that this will be the first chance we've had to play with Chinook, whom if you're not familiar with, kick mad ass.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Check the old fly shit

There's still so much that could be said about our last tour, but one of the best parts about the trip was getting to hook up some huge shows with some of our best friends Annabel and Joie De Vivre on the way down to Texas and at SXSW. On the road with them was filmmaker/enthusiast/all-around-rad-dude Matt Youngblood who is working on putting together a documentary on DIY music culture.

Matt's done work with Joie before, which you may be familiar with, and he recently put together a trailer for his latest effort. It looks amazing and I wanted to share it with you. There's even about four seconds of live footage of us in there.

You can find out more on the project as it develops through the DIY or Not facebook page.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reptilian Empire

We're back! Just wrapped up our two and a half weeks of touring with Empire! Empire! and it feels great to be home, especially after a homecoming show like the one we had last night at the Strutt.

The tour was a wild success.

Made some new friends along the way...

Saw some old friends as well...

Experienced some amazing hospitality...

And partied. Hard.

All praise be to Malthar.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Up on Stilts

We just made it back from our lavish tour with Canyons. Some of the nicest fellows we've had the pleasure of touring with. Thanks to Bobby, Punch, Black Iowa and Matt for showing us such a great time in your neck of the woods. Thanks to everyone who set us up a show, let us crash on their floor and gave us some food/beers/weed. Smooth sailing in the midwest.

On March 11th we will be heading out on the road again with Empire! Empire! down to Texas for SXSW and then wrapping back around East. We will have new shirts, posters and brand new tapes of "Full Health". Empire! Empire! has unfortunately lost a member of their band. So Jon will be covering on bass for them and I(Dan) will be playing drums. So essited! Here are the dates.

Sick but Nasty March Tour w/ Empire! Empire!:

March 11th-Milwaukee,WI: The Borg Ward w/ Empire! Empire!, Living and Wrestling and It's Just Vanity

March 12th-St. Louis,MO: LEMP w/ Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Annabel, Family Might and At Yalta

March 13th-Aurora,MO: Aurora Community Center w/ Empire! Empire!, Lord Okkoto, Wolfmouth and Treebeard
FB Event Link

March 14th-Tulsa,OK: Tulsa Backwards w/ Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre and Annabel

March 15th-Ft. Worth,TX: 1919 Hemphill w/ Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Annabel, Caravels, Two Knights and Star Commander
FB Event Link

March 16th-Austin,TX: CYLS/Topshelf Records Showcase @ Plush w/ Empire! Empire! and many more!!!!
FB Event Link

March 17th-Austin,TX: The Diaz House w/ Empire! Empire!, For Want Of, Touche Amore, Innards, The Saddest Landscape and many more!!!
FB Event Link

March 18th-Houston,TX: Vinyl Junkie w/ Empire! Empire! and Football, Etc.

March 19th-San Antonio,TX: The 1011 w/ Empire! Empire! and Sohns

March 20th-Hattiesburg,MS: TBA

March 21st-Nashville,TN: Belmont University w/ Empire! Empire!

March 22nd-Columbus,OH: The Carabar w/ Empire! Empire!

March 23rd-Baltimore,MD: TBA

March 24th-New York,NY: The Party Expo w/ Empire! Empire!, Zona Mexicana and Miles Apart

March 25th-Troy,NY: Ground Zero @ RPI w/ Empire! Empire!

March 26th-Philidelphia,PA: TBA

March 27th-Akron,OH: It's A Kling Thing w/ Empire! Empire!, The Ground Is Lava and Northwestern

March 28th-Kalamazoo,MI: The Strutt w/ Empire! Empire!, Pan and Binary Marketing Show

We will be playing one show before we leave in Kalamazoo. March 5th at The Ant Hill w/ Ackley Kid and The New Yorker. TBA's will be filled in soon. Can't wait to see sooo many friends this month!!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to February

Is it as snowy for you as it is for us?

We've got a show this Friday with a ton of friends including the best budes/best band Joie De Vivre. This was going to happen in Sturgis but when the show wasn't coming together and in danger of not happening, our boy Jack stepped in and moved it to Generic in South Bend. Thank goodness for good people.

Get ready to get your carpool on this weekend...

And the next...

Dan is going to be filling in on bass for Empire! Empire! at this show. Besides, you would just be a darn fool to miss a lineup this good. Plus, the night before we'll be playing at Juke's with Charles the Osprey and Cain Marko. It'll be a good weekend to be in Grand Rapids.

Also we are making our way to SXSW this year with Empire! Empire!. We are doing a two and a half week tour there and back March 11th-March 28th. Here are the tentative dates for that. Get at us if you can help with any dates, we will update once we get more confirmed.

Sick but Nasty March Tour with Empire! Empire!:

12-st. louis,mo
14-oklahoma city,ok
15-ft. worth,tx
19-new orleans,la
21-nashville,tn or louisville,ky
24-new york,ny
25-new haven,ct
26-philly,pa or lancaster

We leave for tour with Canyons on Feb. 18th. Check out those dates here!!! Swag on full attack!