Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Up on Stilts

We just made it back from our lavish tour with Canyons. Some of the nicest fellows we've had the pleasure of touring with. Thanks to Bobby, Punch, Black Iowa and Matt for showing us such a great time in your neck of the woods. Thanks to everyone who set us up a show, let us crash on their floor and gave us some food/beers/weed. Smooth sailing in the midwest.

On March 11th we will be heading out on the road again with Empire! Empire! down to Texas for SXSW and then wrapping back around East. We will have new shirts, posters and brand new tapes of "Full Health". Empire! Empire! has unfortunately lost a member of their band. So Jon will be covering on bass for them and I(Dan) will be playing drums. So essited! Here are the dates.

Sick but Nasty March Tour w/ Empire! Empire!:

March 11th-Milwaukee,WI: The Borg Ward w/ Empire! Empire!, Living and Wrestling and It's Just Vanity

March 12th-St. Louis,MO: LEMP w/ Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Annabel, Family Might and At Yalta

March 13th-Aurora,MO: Aurora Community Center w/ Empire! Empire!, Lord Okkoto, Wolfmouth and Treebeard
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March 14th-Tulsa,OK: Tulsa Backwards w/ Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre and Annabel

March 15th-Ft. Worth,TX: 1919 Hemphill w/ Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Annabel, Caravels, Two Knights and Star Commander
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March 16th-Austin,TX: CYLS/Topshelf Records Showcase @ Plush w/ Empire! Empire! and many more!!!!
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March 17th-Austin,TX: The Diaz House w/ Empire! Empire!, For Want Of, Touche Amore, Innards, The Saddest Landscape and many more!!!
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March 18th-Houston,TX: Vinyl Junkie w/ Empire! Empire! and Football, Etc.

March 19th-San Antonio,TX: The 1011 w/ Empire! Empire! and Sohns

March 20th-Hattiesburg,MS: TBA

March 21st-Nashville,TN: Belmont University w/ Empire! Empire!

March 22nd-Columbus,OH: The Carabar w/ Empire! Empire!

March 23rd-Baltimore,MD: TBA

March 24th-New York,NY: The Party Expo w/ Empire! Empire!, Zona Mexicana and Miles Apart

March 25th-Troy,NY: Ground Zero @ RPI w/ Empire! Empire!

March 26th-Philidelphia,PA: TBA

March 27th-Akron,OH: It's A Kling Thing w/ Empire! Empire!, The Ground Is Lava and Northwestern

March 28th-Kalamazoo,MI: The Strutt w/ Empire! Empire!, Pan and Binary Marketing Show

We will be playing one show before we leave in Kalamazoo. March 5th at The Ant Hill w/ Ackley Kid and The New Yorker. TBA's will be filled in soon. Can't wait to see sooo many friends this month!!!


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  1. Great seeing you guys in MKE Friday night! My friend who had never heard you guys before was really impressed, as was I for the second time seeing you live. Turnout could have been better, but good times were still had. Until next time, take care!